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Here to help: the Brightspace migration team

A team of no fewer than 28 student assistants is helping the faculties migrate courses from Blackboard, the current digital learning environment, to Brightspace, the new one. This flexible team also provides support, drop-in sessions and training. Lecturers can contact the Faculty Implementation Teams (FIT) with faculty-related questions and Kim Colman and Frans Went’s central team with questions of a more general nature.

From the start of the first semester of the new academic year, around 3,000 courses should be available in Brightspace . For the academic year 2020-2021, this will be a total of 4,800 courses. As a pilot and rollout phase started last year, a number of student assistants have been involved in the project for over a year already. Their expertise is used to migrate courses from Blackboard to Brightspace, but that is not all. This pioneer group of student assistants are also fully-fledged trainers, helpdesk staff at Brightspace Support and trainers for new student assistants and have provided input on the various tools that Brightspace offers at Leiden University. 

Some of the members of the student assistant team

Alongside online help pages, where you can find the answer to any conceivable question, the migration team has also created checklists and instruction PDFs and developed a range of videos that are used in faculty training and can be found on the help pages. 

Whereas the student assistants could once be found at various faculties or at the central office, they have now been working from home for some time already. Popping in with a question has been replaced by online drop-in sessions and answering the phone has become ‘email us for a phone consultation.’ It’s just as personal and client-focused but then at a safe distance. 

The last month of the implementation phase has begun: Leiden University College will start using Brightspace as its digital learning environment on 24 August and the rest of the University will follow on 31 August.

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