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Introducing our new LUS representative Myrthe Sassen

The Leiden University Student Platform (LUS) advises the Executive Board on matters of education and student affairs. The platform is also responsible for the awarding of the Leiden Teaching prize (Leidse Onderwijsprijs). For the academic year 2020-2021 our master's student Myrthe Sassen will represent the Faculty of Archaeology in LUS.

What does the job involve and what can students approach you for?

Part of being a LUS representative is to make sure LUS is visible as a platform. LUS consists of representatives of the different faculties of Leiden University and we come together to discuss at a broader level various issues and ideas that are on the students’ minds. Examples are internationalization and sustainability. We organize breakfast, brunch or lunch sessions which all Leiden students can join and invite speakers to start a discussion on the various topics. Everyone is welcome at our sessions, but make sure to sign up for them. The feedback we receive from the students will be shared with the university board. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, students can always contact their LUS representative if they have ideas or issues that they want to bring up. 

Myrthe Sassen

What motivated you to go for this position?

I was always very involved with my fellow students, L.A.S. Terra (the study association) and other faculty organs. I find it important and interesting what goes on within the student body. Studying is more than following courses, it is also a learning environment in general and it is important to understand what is important to students. During my minor in New Zealand, I was the class representative. The experiences and broader perspective I gained I can take back to Leiden. This broad perspective is something I like a lot, working together with other faculties offers new perspectives on issues and I am very excited to voice the students’ interests. 

What are your expectations for this year?

I expect to be more in touch with the faculty and the new students. I have been away for a while on exchange and working hard on my thesis and not to forget Covid19. I am looking forward to being back again and bring issues and new ideas to a broader platform.

Any final remarks?

Don’t hesitate to contact or approach me. I am always available for a little chat and ready to listen.

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