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Luris services to change

Knowledge transfer, research impact and public-private partnerships between researchers and society are increasingly important to the University and LUMC. Luris advises and supports its researchers and societal partners, and helps forge links between researchers and market players to ensure optimal use is made of the academic knowledge that they produce. It also helps researchers reach agreements with partners on intellectual property and liability. To ensure that Luris will continue to meet the needs of our researchers and society, its organisational structure will change over the coming year.

Luris has grown over the past years, in both size and its range of tasks and activities. Its services are becoming increasingly complex, and so too is the funding landscape – both nationally and internationally – for academic research. What is more, the needs of researchers and Luris’s societal partners are changing. All of this has consequences for the organisation and the services it offers.

Vice-Rector of Leiden University, Hester Bijl, and Dean of the LUMC, Pancras Hogendoorn, therefore engaged two scouts to find answers to the following questions: Given the changing support needs, what is the best way to enhance and organise Luris’s services? What will be Luris’s key tasks and activities in the future?

The Executive Board of the University and the Executive Board of the LUMC have adopted the scouts’ recommendations and taken the next step towards restructuring Luris by appointing Hubertus Irth, Scientific Director of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, as quartermaster. He will coordinate this together with programme manager, Hester Bergsma. Over the coming months, Irth will consult with Luris’s staff and submit a proposal for the new structure that falls within the scope of the scouts’ recommendations.

Hubertus Irth’s plans are expected this autumn. A joint transition team has been formed for the LUMC and the University.

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