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Help make the University more sustainable with the Sustainability Network

Leiden University has a new Sustainability Network. This online network was launched on 25 September, international Sustainable Development Goals Action Day. The network will allow staff to come together and draw attention to sustainability in the University’s teaching, research and business operations.

The Sustainability Network was set up by the Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) with the support of the Centre for Innovation. The network’s initiators are inviting all University staff to inspire one another and join forces to make the University a more sustainable place. The Sustainability Network can be found in Microsoft Teams.

Inspire and mobilise

The Sustainability Network is a broad network that can help staff integrate sustainability in the University’s teaching, research and campus facilities. ‘We want to make it easy for staff to discuss and work towards a more sustainable university. An online network is the ideal way to involve large numbers of staff,’ said Soem Zeijlmans, LUGO’s Sustainability Strategy and Education Coordinator.

An increasingly sustainable university

Earlier this week marked, at LUGO’s instigation, the start of work on a university vision on sustainability for 2030. More than 1,600 students and staff signed a petition calling on the University to develop this vision and to include sustainability as a priority in its new strategic plan. ‘It’s important that we involve the entire University community in making the University more sustainable,’ said Lara Wille, the Community Coordinator at LUGO. ‘More attention to sustainability affects everyone at the University; it’s not just a management challenge.’ LUGO works to make the University more sustainable and create a more sustainable culture at the University.

Join the Sustainability Network

Any member of Leiden University’s staff can join the Sustainability Network – even if sustainability doesn’t feature in your everyday work. Join straight away, or find out more on the Sustainability Network’s information page. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact  Soem Zeijlmans or Lara Wille from LUGO.

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