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Meet the members of the Cultural Anthropology OLC 2020-2021

Sanne Klarenbeek, Florentino Rodao, Orestes Kyrgiakis and Lamia Saiyara Mela are the new student members of the Programme Committee (OLC). The board advises the Executive Board and the Faculty Board about educational matters, such as the determination of the Course and Examination Regulations and the evaluation of taught courses. The Programme Committee consists besides the students of lecturers Annemarie Samuels (chair), Metje Postma, Anouk de Koning and John Boy. Meet the student members of 2020-2021 and read why they wanted to join the OLC and what they think is important for the students.

Sanne Klarenbeek

Sanne Klarenbeek, 3rd year student Cultural Anthropology

'I am Sanne Klarenbeek and I am 21 years old. I am in my third year of Cultural Anthropology and currently doing a minor in Journalism. I think it is important during these difficult times and online teaching to be actively involved with my study program. So, that is the reason I wanted to join the OLC this year. I like studying Cultural Anthropology. I feel like with everything I learn in Anthropology classes, I can join current debates about topics like discrimination and racism, which is valuable to me. I used to live in Rotterdam, but I love the historical characteristics of Leiden. In Rotterdam, I was part of Theater Rotterdam and I used to be very active in the theater world in general. I inspire to do this more in the future as well.'

Florentino Rodao

Florentino Rodao, 2nd year student

'My name is Tino, I am 18 and I am a Spanish second-year bachelor student. I wanted to join the OLC because I have been passionate about education and its effect on people since I was very young. Moreover, I believe that both the influence of many members in my family being involved in education and my experiences in different education systems across the world can help me bring contrasting insights to the committee. I wanted to study CADS in Leiden because I thought it corresponded greatly with my interest in people and how action can be taken to benefit them the most. After a year, this bachelor continues to impact me with newer critical observations about the difficulties the world faces, and I love it! Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or insights on a course or if you just want to chat on florentinorodao@gmail.com :)'

Orestes Kyrgiakis

Orestes Kyrgiakis

'I am Orestes, a 21-year-old immigrant working student from Greece. With the Covid-19 crisis still not behind us, it seems that new challenges for students as well as the University’s workforce could arise. I think it is quite important to consider which direction will the answers to these challenges be. Already under the current circumstances, many of us follow our studies miles away from the Netherlands, others are struggling with the online learning process and some, like myself, have to combine studying and working. I believe it is important for the common benefit of all students to try to smoothen the outcomes of the crisis as much as possible without comprising the quality of our studies or our needs as students. In my eyes, the above could only be achieved through collaboration among us, as well as an active stance on the existing or arising issues.'

Lamia Saiyara Mela

Lamia Saiyara Mela, master student Policy in Practice

'I am Lamia Saiyara Mela, 24 years old. I am following the CADS master with a specialisation in Policy in Practice. I come from Bangladesh, and at the moment I am getting ready to fly to Leiden. I love to dance and act and try to be a ‘meme lord’ within my friends. With the OLC, I want to contribute and help shape how education is felt and reflect on ways to make it a more inclusive community. I have immersed myself in the world of Anthropology because I used to be a dancer. I loved to study arts, culture and human beings. I chose Leiden because my school alumni went here, and it has a great program. The Masters is filled with new reflections but a lot more intense than my years doing Bachelors, definitely. So far, it’s been challenging yet thrilling.'

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