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Positive progress Humanities Campus behind the scenes

Since the start of the development of the Humanities Campus in 2014, major steps have already been taken in the development of the Humanities Campus. The P.J. Veth building and het Arsenaal have been renovated and put into use.

Cluster Zuid has also been cleared and is almost ready for the renovation that will start in early 2021. A lot of colleagues have moved to a new or different workplace. We are looking forward to when we will actually be able to move to the new workplace. How is the development of the Humanities Campus progressing? We are pleased to report that three positive steps have been taken.

Agreement Doelencomplex

We have reached agreements on the broad outlines of the future of the Doelencomplex. On the site of the Doelencomplex, the Lipsius building and the Reuvens building, a new central education building, a new Plexus building and a central public space as part of the Singelpark are scheduled to be located. An agreement on this with all the financial agreements will be signed soon. De Sleutels does, however, make the proviso of a positive measure of support among the residents.

Offer compensating housing and Social plan

As good neighbours, we are very concerned with the residents and involved in the process surrounding compensating housing. Diligence is very important in this respect. We are very pleased that the compensating housing offer for the residents of the Doelencomplex is now complete. A housing plan has been drawn up for four locations, including three within, and one outside of the canals.

Finally, in coordination with the Residents Committee and the Tenants Association, de Sleutels has completed a Social Plan. An independent external professional assesses the Social Plan and the housing offer on reasonableness and fairness.

Moving foward, together

Together with the municipality and de Sleutels, we are steadily working on the realisation. In the new year, the Humanities Campus zoning plans will be submitted to the municipality. After the assessment by the external advisor, de Sleutels will formally ask the Residents Committee for advice on the Social Plan and the housing offer. As soon as this is possible again, due to corona, an information meeting will be organised so that the residents can be properly informed.

More information

Want to know more about the Humanities Campus? Visit the Humanities campus website or send an email to info@humanitiescampus.nl

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