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ISGA Education Programmes evaluated very highly by students, despite COVID-19 Adaptations

Evaluations of a most challenging year to both staff and students in terms of teaching and education support have turned out remarkably well. Although we had to switch to online education almost overnight, we pulled it off!

All of the COVID-plagued efforts went hand in hand with the transition to brightspace (someday, we’ll look back and laugh about it), which also required painstaking efforts from staff. Kudos also to all the new colleagues who joined us this year and took up their tasks so very well. A huge thanks in particular to the program directors who have navigated all of us through this period, and to the support staff such as the study coordinators and the study advisors who have been invaluable to the students

BaSS graduation ceremony

We are extremely proud that we had a great BaSS graduation ceremony in the Summer with our very first cohort of students getting their diploma in a very festive setting. This program has started 3 years prior and the staff managed to bring these students to the finish line with an innovative approach, great new courses, without a glitch.

Crisis and security management (MSc)

CSM students who graduated in June and August did fill out evaluations:

  • CSM Overall program evaluation 3.7
  • CSM thesis supervision (N=63), students were very positive about supervisors: 4.5 average

Next, we continued with the CSM reform in a fully changed program with three specialization tracks, which attracted the astonishing number of 285 students for its September cohort.

International Relations and Diplomacy (MSc)

The advanced master programme IRD managed to face the Corona challenges that impeded on student interaction on campus, internships, trips, site visits and practical experiences, extremely well with everyone still on board and great evaluations. 


The minors Global Affairs, Intelligence and SSJ even took in huge numbers because of extremely high demand due to cancelled international exchanges etc. The newly launched Cyber Security Essentials made a great start.

The superscores for block

The superscores for block 1 are as follows: 
(averages per program: grade lecturer on 5-scale / grade course on 10 scale)

BaSS: 4.1/7.0
CSM: 4.4/7.8
IRD: 4.4/7.8
Minor GA: 4.4/7.6
Minor Intel: 4.0/7.2
Minor SSJ: 4.3/7.5
Minor Cyber Security Essentials: 4.8/8.6

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