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Podcast: Carel Stolker on coronavirus, vlogging and the void

In a few weeks’ time Carel Stolker will be retiring as Rector Magnificus. In a double episode of the Science Shots podcast, we take stock: what were the key lessons, how has the coronavirus crisis been and of course, what will he do to avoid the post-retirement void? Stolker shares his experiences in a candid interview.

In the past year Stolker sometimes felt like ‘the captain of a ship in harbour’, he says in the podcast. Leiden University was closed for the most part, and we were studying and working from home. So Stolker had to find an innovative way to keep on steering ‘the ship’. One solution was his vlogs, which earned him cult status, particularly with students.

Stolker also spoke about life after retirement. If we are to believe him, the best years still lie ahead. After 22 years of being taught, 22 years of teaching and 22 years in administration’, it’s time for the next chapter. In the podcast he gives a glimpse of what the next 22 years have in store for him. Obviously also asked if we can expect any post-retirement vlogs. 

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