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Healthy University Let's Walk Week; are you still on the move?

A week after the kick-off of the Healthy University Let's Walk Week 2021, colleagues together already have made 7276 'ommetjes'. The Let's Walk Week was entirely devoted to getting and staying active for our personal, physical and mental health.

The Healthy University Leiden team received over 750 registrations for last week’s office workouts, sports lessons and interesting inspiration sessions with topics of exercise, fitness and energy balance. Additionally, to mark the start of the Let’s Walk Week, the Ommetje app walking competition had started! Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, more than 1000 colleagues from both Leiden University and the LUMC took up this challenge, not only facing each other but also walking together in the race between faculties.

Up to date the registered participants have already walked 7276 Ommetjes, which translates into 4571 hours of walking. To top it off all these impressive numbers were achieved in only 7 days. The more short walks a participant takes, the more points and medals can be earned. Thanks to the Ommetje app, employees can walk together without having to be at the same location. Four weeks into the challenge we will present you with an up-to-date ranking. After eight weeks an announcement in a festive manner will be made where the final standings will be revealed. The top 3 individual and the top 3 faculties and divisions will win great prizes! It is not too late to still register and partake in the competition. Help your faculty by starting  your Ommetje journey today!

Last week both the Healthy University Leiden Team and many employees were full of energy, thanks to the Let’s Walk Week activities. The Healthy University Leiden Team would like to retain this energy and has therefore prepared something special for you for March 16th for the, "Working from Home Day". Click here to find the programme! Lastly, we would like to share with you a number of tips on how to stay motivated for your daily Ommetje. Best of luck with your walks!

Motivational tips for a daily Ommetje

1. Set reachable goals

2. Try to beat your colleagues

3. Call a colleague during a walk and have a little chat.

4. Listen to music or a podcast during the walk and really unwind.

5. Unlock as many medals in the Ommetje app as you can.

6. Reach the next level in the Ommetje app as fast as you can.

7. Walk a different route every day, so it won’t get boring.

6. Ga zo snel mogelijk naar het volgende level in de Ommetje-app.

7. Loop dagelijks een andere route, zodat het niet saai wordt.

Do you have any other tips? Please share them with us via f.j.cabout@bb.leidenuniv.nl

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