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IBA ICC Moot Court Competition, organised by the Grotius Centre

The Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies is proud to announce a fortified partnership with the International Bar Association to annually stage the largest moot competition focused on international criminal law: The International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition.

A new five-year Memorandum of Understanding positions the IBA as the primary supporting partner of the event. To celebrate the renewal of the partnership, the International Rounds (with the exception of the Final Round), are named: IBA ICC Moot Court Competition, organised by the Grotius Centre.


IBA President Sternford Moyo commented: ‘The IBA ICC Moot Court is an exciting experience for students across the globe who are focused on upholding the rule of law and honing their skills in all aspects relating to litigating a case in front of an international tribunal. The teams that get through to the finals would usually have the unique experience of presenting their case in an actual ICC courtroom, but the COVID-19 pandemic precludes that aspect of the experience this year as it did last year. However, ICC judges will once again give their time to adjudicating, which demonstrates the importance placed on this competition. And, whether held in-person or virtually, the IBA is always grateful to the Grotius Centre of Leiden University for convening the event so expertly to make it an unforgettable experience for all involved.’

IBA Executive Director Dr Mark Ellis commented: ‘Each year I look forward to engaging with law students who are eager and enthusiastic to improve their knowledge of international criminal law in general and of the ICC and its proceedings in particularly. With the ICC currently facing several challenges, investing in the next generation of law practitioners is paramount. I believe this to be the chief reason why so many IBA members devote considerable amounts of time and energy supporting the very appreciative students participating in our moot competition. Certainly, it is a mutually beneficial event; students gain invaluable practical understanding, while professionals impart knowledge. Such initiatives hugely benefit the future of international justice.’

Carsten Stahn, Professor of International Criminal Law and Global Justice at Leiden University said: ‘We are delighted to embark on this new partnership with the IBA, which builds on our successful cooperation over past years. It combines the academic strength and international vision of the Leiden Law School and its Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies with the IBA’s role as global voice of the legal profession. This interaction between academia and legal practice provides an excellent foundation for the future of the Moot Court Competition, and its ability to provide an inclusive and meaningful educational experience for the legal minds of the future from all parts of the world. It reaffirms our mutual commitment to the importance of human rights, rule of law and international justice at a time where they are urgently needed in international affairs, domestic legal systems and civil society across the globe.’

'By taking the ICC Moot Court and IBA partnership to the next level we are making it possible for ever more law students to participate in this amazing educational experience across the globe,' said Prof. Michael Scharf, Dean of Case Western Reserve University School of Law and Chair of the IBA ICCMCC Board of Advisors. 

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