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Leiden’s BA Religious Studies programme ranked #1 in The Netherlands

The BA Religious Studies programme has been awarded the label 'Topopleiding' (Top Education) in the Keuzegids 2021.

The BA Religious Studies programme has been awarded the label 'Topopleiding' (Top Education) in the Keuzegids 2021. This programme – along with only five other programmes at the Faculty of Humanities – has received this award because students are very satisfied with the programme. Year after year, students in the BA Religious Studies comment on the high-quality training they receive, the increasing range of courses on offer, and the world-class instructors involved in the programme. It is not only the third year in a row that the programme has been recognized in this way, but for the first time (with a score of 81 points) Leiden stands on top of the list for BA Religious Studies programmes in The Netherlands.

In response to hearing the news, the chair of the Leiden Religious Studies programmes, Corey Williams, remarked that: 'This kind of recognition is only possible with dedicated students and staff members. I really believe that our programme improves each year because, first of all, our staff members are passionate about what they do as teachers and scholars. They are constantly trying to improve their courses and they are very willing to listen to feedback from students, which is critical to making sure their voices are accounted for. And our students bring the same level of dedication. They care about the study, not only for themselves, but for the next generation of students. This is also the commitment of the programme board—to keep refining and improving the programme year-after-year.'

The student member of the programme board, Thijs Scherjon, added to this: 'This recognition comes as no surprise to the students. We have experienced the exceptional quality and variety of the education first-hand. No lecture or seminar is the same, thanks to the passionate staff members. Each of them has a different field of expertise which offers the students a multitude of perspectives. The commitment of the staff members to the programme is not solely confined to the education. Staff members are also involved in the student association (T.F.L.S.) and are genuinely interested in the students. This makes our programme a 'Topopleiding' and a prime example of the motto of Leiden University: 'Discover the world at Leiden University'. '

For more about the BA Religious Studies, visit the programme website. You can also view the details of the 2020-2021 programme and the profiles of staff members who work at the Leiden University Centre for the Study of Religion (LUCSoR).

Beyond the BA Religious Studies, Leiden offers a Minor programme called Religion in a Changing World (it can be followed all in English or a combination of Dutch + English), MA Religious Studies (all in English), and an Educational MA Religie en Levensbeschouwing (Dutch + English).

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