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Zuzana Vikarská presents her research at the Europa Institute monthly research exchange meeting “Food for Thought”

On 3 March 2021 Zuzana Vikarská presented some of her work in progress research at the Europa Institute's "Food for Thought" session.

Zuzana presented some of her main theses of her research on identities, including a plea for a minimalist reading of the identity clause, a suggestion to consider a return to the very unpopular notion of sovereignty, as well as a suggestion to clearly formulate some limits to the concept of identity, namely the limit of the EU's own values embedded in Article 2 TEU. Having received lots of valuable feedback from her Leiden colleagues, she will spend the months of March and April writing out her contribution on the topic and further engaging in close academic exchanges with her colleagues at the Europa Institute. The event led to a most stimulating debate on the topic.

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