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Healthy University Leiden reveals interim results of Ommetje walking challenge

In the space of seven weeks, the staff of the LUMC and Leiden University have left home more than 35,000 times for a short walk, or an Ommetje as it is known. Healthy University Leiden launched the Ommetje walking challenge to encourage its staff to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Thus far this has resulted in 22,000 hours walked in Leiden and The Hague.

Thirty-five thousand five hundred and seventeen Ommetjes and more than 22,301 hours walked: this is what over 1,100 LUMC and Leiden University staff members have achieved in the Ommetje challenge thus far, making the Healthy University Leiden team very proud indeed. Staff vitality is important, which is why the LUMC and Leiden University are participating in the Ommetje challenge. You can improve your lifestyle just by taking a daily Ommetje.

Interim results of the Ommetje challenge

A daily walk is important to your health. You’ll be more productive and energetic after an Ommetje, and it will help you unwind and increase your creativity. We’ve received positive reactions from many colleagues, who say they have more energy and feel less stressed. But this is a competition, so today on World Health Day we proudly announce the current status of the Ommetje challenge.

The interim results on Wednesday 7 April 2021 (09.00):

Individual ranking  
  1. Rick Lawson  - UL Rechten

926 XP

  1. Syl0424 – UL FGW

926 XP

  1. LilianZ – LUMC Dir.

915 XP

  1. Jean-Michel – UL BB

914 XP

  1. Liberta – LUMC Div4

913 XP

  1. Femke_Tomas – Arch

913 XP

  1. Bas Gobets – LUMC Div4

910 XP

  1. LKU – LUMC Div3

908 XP

  1. Vuurtoren21 – LUMC Div3

907 XP

  1. LUMC_YSE – LUMC Div3

896 XP

Faculties and divisions ranking*  
  1. UL Archeologie

498 XP

  1. UL EC/OD

414 XP

  1. UL FGW

343 XP

  1. UL FSW

336 XP

  1. LUMC Div4

336 XP

  1. UL FGGA

319 XP

  1. LUMC Dir

310 XP

  1. UL Inter/Multi

301 XP

  1. UL Rechten

299 XP

  1. UL W&N

292 XP

*the faculty/division rankiing is based onthe average XP (total XP for the team : number of active team members in the app)

Fantastic results! And it’s not too late to join in and help your division or faculty move up the rankings. Download the Ommetje App from the Google Play Store or the App Store and join with FTEWP as the company code.

Building a healthy new habit

As with any other activity, it will take a while for your daily Ommetje to become a habit. When building a new habit, your brain creates new connections. This takes time and repetition, but it does make your brain extremely happy. How long it will take to make a habit out of new behaviour, such as taking a daily Ommetje, depends on the individual, but the average is 66 days. This is about ten weeks: the exact duration of our Ommetje challenge. 

Final sprint

The end of the challenge is in sight: only three weeks left until the finish at 11:59 on 30 April. The winners will be announced on Monday 3 May. There are great prizes to be won in the individual overall ranking: number 1 will win a Fitbit HR activity tracker (or a 100 euro voucher) and numbers 2 and 3 will win, respectively, a 50 and 25 euro ‘Spa and Wellness’ voucher . And there’s a nice prize for all those in the number one division or faculty. So keep walking and go for it!

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