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CLAIRE opens four new offices and celebrates with roadshows

To ensure the success of AI made in Europe, CLAIRE is opening four new offices. With offices in Zurich, Oslo, Paris and Brussels, this international AI non-profit organization aims to expand its reach in Europe.

Office Launch Roadshow

The four new offices complement the already existing offices in The Hague, Prague, Rome and Saarbrücken. The opening of the new offices will be celebrated with an Office Launch Roadshow starting on May 26 in Zurich, which you can attend online.


For each event, the offices invite national and international speakers, including government representatives and panelists from different AI fields. The topics vary. Each agency has its own area of focus within AI. 

After the plenary program, participants can meet in virtual booths and exchange views on artificial intelligence in Europe. 

Don’t miss the virtual roadshow

•    Zürich – Wed 26.05.2021 - AI4Good: Building a Nexus between Research, Innovation and Society
•    Oslo - Thu 03.06.2021 - The Nordic Model: Connecting Young Talent
•    Paris - Thu 17.06.2021 - Together for AI: European and International Partnerships
•    Brussels - Fri 25.06.2021 - AI Innovation Strategy: Public Policy Making

Registration is free and can be done on the corresponding event page.

CLAIRE is an international non-profit organization - a network of experts and stakeholders in AI - that aims to build bridges between research, industry, policy makers and the general public to ensure the success of AI made in Europe, based on an inclusive approach and on values shared in Europe and beyond.

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