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Podcast series introduces you to the BSc Security Studies

With this podcast series 'Introduction to Security Studies', you will get to know more about the bachelor's programme Security Studies at Leiden University in The Hague and life as a student in The Hague.

The English taught bachelor programme Security Studies focuses on international terrorism, cybercrime, natural disasters and other issues that affect the safety of millions of people every day. During the course, you will learn to unravel security problems by focusing on the political, historical and social context in which they occur. You will also look at the impact of government, institutions and media.

Podcast 1: Security Challenges

In the first episode of the podcast series, Dr. Bart Schuurman speaks with programme director Daan Weggemans. Schuurman is associate professor at ISGA (Institute of Security and Global Affairs) and teaches on terrorism and counter-terrorism and does research on terrorism. Security challenges such as terrorism and cybercrime are among the most pressing issues of our time. Schuurman tells how to study and learn to tackle 21st century security challenges. He also talks about his previous research and his personal fascination and motives for studying terrorism and terrorists.

Podcast 2: How to survive as an International Student?

In the second episode, Tutor of the bachelor programme Elliot Whiteside talks to two Security Studies students. Barbara Krakovsk√° uit Slowakije en Alfred Linneroth Stranne from Sweden talk about their life and study in The Hague. They tell what they think of the Netherlands and The Hague, how they like the directness of the Dutch and what their experiences with Security Studies are.

Podcast 3: Cybersecurity

In this episode, Dr. Tommy van Steen talks about his work. He teaches Cybersecurity and Governance and lectures at Security Studies on cybersecurity and cyber threats. He talks to programme director Daan Weggemans about various aspects of cybersecurity, such as what are the costs of randsomware, why do we use passwords that are too simple. But also the question why fake news is difficult to recognise is discussed.

Podcast 4: Academic writing

Academic writing is an important part of the skills labs of the BSc Security Studies programme. But what is academic writing? And is it so different from writing a paper at High School? In this podcast tutor Tim Wuisman and graduate (class of 2020) Nana Salim talk about academic writing; is it difficult to learn, why do you have to learn this and what do you write about?

Podcast 5: Introduction L.S.A. Custodia

L.S.A. Custodia is the study association for the bachelor Security Studies and the master Crisis and Security Management. Security Studies student Sterre Brinkman talks about this young and dynamic study association with Martijn Bergmann, Chair, & Nadine Eijsackers, Secretary, of L.S.A. Custodia. 

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BSc Security Studies 

As a student in Security Studies you are a socially engaged critical thinker eager to study real-life security cases in an academic setting. You focus not just on the broad context of these issues but also on the role of government, institutions and media. In this bachelor programme you will also study various crises and crisis management. 

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