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Sarah Cramsey awarded a KNAW Early Career Partnership

Dr. Sarah Cramsey, University Lecturer Judaism & Diaspora Studies, has been awarded an Early Career Partnership by the KNAW.

Motherhood and the diaspora

The award of € 10,000 will enable her to organise an interdisciplinary workshop on “Families in transit: Child-bearing, child-rearing and inheritance during displacement.” Sarah Cramsey’s research focus is the history of Jewish communities in Eastern Europe (Poland, Czechoslovakia). In her new research project she focuses on those Polish Jews who survived the Holocaust in Central Asia and Iran and their history after the end of the Second World War. She uses motherhood as a lens to rethink the dynamics of this extremely painful part of European history. The Early Career Partnership will allow her to initiate a conversation between her own research and that of other colleagues who work on the role of young families during displacement.

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