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Workplace Track Humanities Campus

Despite Covid, the development of the Humanities Campus continues steadily. After finishing the renovated P.J. Veth building and Arsenaal, the demolition of Cluster Zuid has been completed and the contractor will soon start with the renovations.

Budget cuts and progressive insight space usage

The realisation of the Humanities Campus is facing increasing construction requirements and costs. It is always a challenge to stay within the construction budget when working on such a huge project. Added to this is the progressive insight on how to efficiently use available space in a new era in which working from home may play a larger role than before Covid. In order to explore this new reality and its implications, a track has been launched with talks with Academic Directors, Department Managers and the Faculty Board. In addition, three workshops are being organised with approximately 30 participants nominated by their managers or Academic Director. The participants are a broad representation of our faculty with diversity in position, background, gender, age, travel distance to work, etc. 

What do the Workplace workshops entail?

During three interactive workshops, led by consultancy company Aestate, the participants will explore what constitutes a pleasant workplace and environment, within the existing framework of the Humanities Campus and the reality of cost management and efficient space usage. The workshops will take place at the end of April and in May.

Follow-up track

In June, the insights gathered during the workshops will be shared with the Academic Directors, Institute Managers, Department Managers and the Faculty Board. The results will also be discussed in several bodies in order to keep everyone as informed as possible and to get a broad picture. A decision on the use and layout of the available space on the Humanities Campus will be made later on in the process.

Want to find out more?

Read more about the vision of the Humanities Campus here. Here you can also find more information about developments regarding workplace and work environment.

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