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Collaboration BSc Security Studies and the Police Academy: 'Looking for the best students'.

An internship at the Police Academy in Apeldoorn. This will be possible for the first time for third-year students of the bachelor's programme Security Studies as of September 2021, now that Leiden University and the Police Academy have joined forces. ‘The internships offer students a unique opportunity to take a look inside the police organisation,' says Paul Moss of the Police Academy.

During an information meeting in Wijnhaven, Paul Moss, team leader Knowledge & Research at the Police Academy in Apeldoorn, explained the possibilities to the students. The students were able to follow the meeting both physically and online. The Police Academy has 12 lectors, some of whom also hold a chair at a university, and 25 researchers. As of September '21, several internship positions will be added. The research areas are very broad and diverse, such as intelligence, cyber security, domestic violence, but also forensic techniques and police history. There are eight themes for research, for example 'New Security Coalitions' or 'Legitimacy and Trust'. Moss: 'Students will work together with experienced researchers from the Police Academy under the supervision of a lector.’

Extensive screening

Students who are interested in an internship must write a motivation letter, will have an interview with the lecturer and undergo an extensive screening. Moss explains: 'That applies to everyone who wants to come and work for us, so for interns as well. You will work with confidential information and secret documents, so we have to be sure that you can handle that’. The team leader indicates that there are certainly career opportunities for the students within the police force. ‘This cooperation gives us the opportunity to identify high potentials who could be of interest to us in the future. We also have a student from Leiden University who did an internship with us and is now going to do a PhD .’ 

Expanding knowledge and skills

According to study coordinator Florine van Logtestijn, the internships that the Police Academy offer are a perfect match the Security Studies programme. ‘The purpose of an internship is to apply and expand the knowledge and skills students have learned in the first two years. So this is an excellent opportunity for students to gain experience at such an important organisation as the Police Academy'. Moss adds: 'We are contributing to the development of the students through the cooperation and are therefore recruiting possible future employees of the police force. It is always exciting when you start something new like a trajectory like this, but I hope and expect that students experience the internship as a learning experience and that their interest in the police as an organisation only increases.' 

Motivated students

After the presentation, students could ask questions to team leader Paul Moss. These questions included what kind of students are wanted (answer: very motivated ones), whether it is only for Dutch-speaking students or also international students (answer: both are possible) and whether you can do a part-time internship or only a full-time internship (answer: everything will be decided in consultation with both the student and the lector ). And the most important question, is there much competition for these positions? Moss: 'No, for the time being we are only offering the internships to you'. The team leader concludes with the hope of receiving many letters from motivated students.


For student Thomas Daniëls, it was an interesting information session: 'I have always been interested in the work of the police and I certainly hope to get accepted as an intern at the Police Academy. I'm particularly interested in domestic issues such as domestic violence or the aftermath of the curfew riots. I live close to Eindhoven and I witnessed the riots from close by, so that really moved me'.

Jelmer de Hoop is also looking for an internship because, according to him, the Dutch police has a good reputation but there are also enough challenges. ‘For example, when it comes to cyber threats and becoming a better reflection of society. I would like to do something that is close to the work field. A career with the police has always appealed to me, it seems like a very interesting place to work and start my career.’     

Please contact the Neem contact study coordinators for more information.

The Police Academy

The Police Academy is the centre for training, knowledge and research for the Dutch National Police. It is a dynamic organization, offering training and knowledge programs on the highest level, anticipating developments in society and translating these into customized education programs. The Police Academy cooperates with the National Police and other partners in the field of security, education, knowledge and research.

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