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Joyce Esser gives lecture on American administrative law during virtual Res Publica study trip

The traditional Res Publica study trip took place this year from 20 to 24 April. Because of the coronavirus restrictions, the members of Res Publica – the faculty’s study association for constitutional and administrative law – travelled ‘virtually’ to Portugal, the United States and Singapore. Of course, there was also enough time for relaxation, with a games’ night and cocktail workshop.

One of the activities was the lecture given by PhD candidate Joyce Esser on the role of the courts in the law of administrative procedure in the United States.  The lecture was intended to show how typically Dutch choices in administrative procedure can be viewed differently through comparative law. The United States is a country with a long history of market regulation at federal level, so that American administrative law, more so than in the Netherlands, is also concerned with regulation and policy formation.

Despite the early start on a Saturday morning, there was a good turnout and it was an interactive lecture. For the students, it was also a good opportunity to find out about comparative administrative law. And it gave Joyce the opportunity to present the findings of her first year as a PhD researcher!

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