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Feeling safe at Humanities: an all-gender toilet in every building

The university is committed to providing an accessible learning and working environment for students and staff. They should be able to feel at home at our faculty. That is why there is now an all-gender toilet in every humanities building to contribute to that feeling of recognition and safety.

Update 30 March 2023

The signage for the all-gender toilets has been updated: the new sign can be seen on the left. Some toilets have moved: please see below for an updated overview of the locations of all-gender toilets.

The faculty diversity and inclusion policy aims to create an accessible learning and working environment for students and staff. A part of this is increasing the (physicial) accessibility of university buildings: think of wheelchair-friendly routes, prayer rooms and lactation rooms - but also toilets.

A toilet for everyone

Not every student and staff member identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth or feels at home in the male and female binary. This can lead to 'going to the toilet' becoming a stressful situation. That is why every building of the Faculty of Humanities now has at least one all-gender toilet: a toilet that everyone, regardless of gender, can use. 

Facilitating all-gender toilets adds to a feeling of recognition and safety for every student and staff member. Toilets play a crucial social role in the facilitation of an inclusive and safe learning and working community, one in which everyone feels safe and can go to the toilet without having to worry. 

'The Diversity and Inclusion Expertise Office has been asking for this for a while', says Aurelie van 't Slot, policy officer Diversity & Inclusion of the Faculty of Humanities. 'There are several priorities in the policy and one of the work areas focusses on an accessible and inclusive environment. Facilities are an important part of this, and the introduction of an all-gender toilet in every building is a step in the right direction.'

Sign all-gender toilet
You can recognize the all-gender toilets by this sign

Where can I find the all-gender toilets?

(Update: 30 March 2023)

You can recognise the all-gender toilets by the new icon (on the right). The locations of the all-gender toilets are listed below, and will also be uploaded on the building pages on the university website.

  • Arsenaal: Ground floor, near Study Lounge
  • Huizinga: Ground floor, near entrance
  • Lipsius: 0.66 and 1.16
  • PJ Veth: Ground floor, near lecture hall 0.07
  • Reuvens: 1.43
  • Schouwburgstraat: B3.10, B3.11, B3.05a, B3.05b, B4.11 and B4.12
  • Vrieshof: ground floor (for all 4 buildings)
  • Wijnhaven: 3.33 and 3.34

Do you have a question about diversity and inclusion at the Faculty of Humanities? Do you have ideas or suggestions? Please contact Aurelie van 't Slot via divers-inclusief@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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