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Development of the Faculty Strategic Plan

The development of the Faculty Strategic Plan (FSP) did not come to a standstill over the summer. We now have a draft version of the Plan that incorporates the feedback on the strategic objectives that we obtained from various meetings and bodies before the summer. The Research Directors and a number of external stakeholders will have one more opportunity to look through the draft version, and once the Faculty Board has approved the draft version, the Faculty Council will be asked to approve the plan. In the meantime, we are gathering input for the Implementation Agenda.

The Implementation Agenda and the FSP

The Strategic Plan outlines the Faculty’s mission and vision and our strategic objectives for the next six years. This is of course accompanied by a plan on how to realise these objectives in the coming years, which is articulated in the Implementation Agenda. In November a first draft of the Implementation Agenda will be discussed with the Faculty community via various bodies, but also in the form of two plenary sessions open to all staff and students.

Save the date for FSP sessions

In November and December, we will ask a number of bodies for feedback on the Implementation Agenda. We will also organise two hybrid sessions open to all staff and students to brainstorm and discuss the implementation agenda that accompanies the Faculty Strategic Plan. 
Save one of the dates below in your calendar:
•    Wednesday 1 December from 16.00 – 17.00 hrs, session for students and staff members (in English)

•    Tuesday 7 December from 16.00 – 17.00 hrs, session for students and staff members (in Dutch)

Planning and coordination

More or less simultaneously, the University is working on a University Strategic Plan, which is now available as a charcoal sketch. Our draft Faculty Strategic Plan will be compared and aligned with the University Strategic Plan. Our planning was adjusted because it took longer to process feedback on strategic objectives and refine our draft FSP. We expect the new Faculty Strategic Plan to be ready next year, once all the consultation rounds have been completed and the plan has been approved by the Faculty Council (see overview below).

Find out more about the development of the Faculty Strategic Plan 2022-2026 here

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