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Urban criminologist for Leiden: municipality, police and university join forces

Since 1 September 2021, the city of Leiden has had a dedicated urban criminologist. In a PhD project lasting four years, Marianne Franken will be studying how the people of Leiden experience safety in the city.

Leiden University, the municipality of Leiden and the police will be working together to develop targeted interventions to improve how the people of Leiden experience safety in the city. Marianne Franken will shape this collaboration and will make her findings accessible for the city's residents. This is a unique PhD project: nowhere else in the Netherlands has such a four-year project been set up.  The main goal of this partnership is to bring together different perspectives, sources of information and possible interventions in order to improve how residents experience safety. It goes without saying that the the key role will be played by the people of Leiden themselves. 

A kick-off meeting will be held on Wednesday 27 October from 13.45 hrs, which is open to anyone who wants to know more about the project. Participation is free, but those who are interested do need to register via this registration form.

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