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Meet the members of the Cultural Anthropology OLC 2021-2022

Benjamín Maldonado, Orestes Kyrgiakis, Roos Capel and Iskra Cvitković are the new student members of the Programme Committee (OLC). The board advises the Executive Board and the Faculty Board about educational matters, such as the determination of the Course and Examination Regulations and the evaluation of taught courses. The Programme Committee consists besides the students of lecturers Annemarie Samuels (chair), Metje Postma, Anouk de Koning and John Boy. Meet the student members of 2020-2021 and read why they wanted to join the OLC and what they think is important for the students.

Benjamín Maldonado

Benjamín Maldonado, first year CADS student

'I am Benjamín Maldonado, an 18-year-old first-year bachelor student from Chile. Since I am really passionate about my studies, joining the OLC seemed like a great way to be more involved in the programme. Especially since anthropology is all about people, interacting with students and teachers about the goals of our studies sounds like an experience that could contribute not only to my academic development but to my personal growth as well. Besides that, I am interested in finding out ways of improving our course. That is, focusing on the education itself and how it is delivered but also focusing on making everyone feel comfortable. If you need anything, have a question, would like to have an exchange of ideas or just send memes to each other, I am always available at: benjamin.mf@outlook.com.'


Orestes Kyrgiakis

Orestes Kyrgiakis, second-year CADS student

'I am Orestes, a Greek immigrant as well as a full-time warehouse worker and 2nd-year student. In a world where education constantly gets modified but not necessarily in a direction that serves our interests and sensitivities, it is vital to consider both the content of our studies as well as the conditions under which we receive education. Our study programs tend to become more intense and competitive while our universities have started looking more like businesses instead of the creative spaces that would blossom ideas (as many of us would want them to be). At the same time, more financial and emotional pressure is put on the shoulders of students. With colleagues of ours living in tents or struggling to pay their rent, it becomes impossible not to include issues of housing and social class accessibility to education in the discussion. Overall, active and united student participation in university affairs is necessary into bringing up any large-scale changes.'

Roos Capel

Roos Capel, third-year CADS student

'My name is Roos, I am 20 years old, and I am currently in my third year of CADS. I am interested in education and policy, which is why I wanted to join the OLC. I want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes, whilst still being visible amongst students. I think it’s important that the opinions and feelings of students are well-translated to agenda points for lecturers and other staff, especially during important periods such as fieldwork. I am currently doing a minor in journalism, which is something I am very passionate about. I love writing, and I hope I can somehow bring this passion and skill to good use in the OLC, whilst also learning new skills that can help me find out whether a career in policy is an option for me. In my free time, I love to sing and read about music history.'

Iskra Cvitković

Iskra Cvitković, Visual Ethnography MSc student

'My name is Iskra and I’m a master's student in the Visual Ethnography track. I come from Croatia, where I did my bachelor’s in French and Russian Language and Literature. Throughout the year, I’m hoping that the Committee will manage to navigate the programme and the students’ struggles in a way to make our experience at the University as enjoyable as possible. Having a strong interest in education, I hope that being on this board will provide me with deeper insights into that field and allow me to make a positive impact and improve the learning circumstances.'  

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