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Faculty of Science has a wellbeing officer

As of 1 November W&N has a wellbeing officer. Alexandra Blank will commit herself to the wellbeing of our students. Students, but also lecturers and mentors can approach her with ideas and initiatives to support students.

‘The corona pandemic has a great impact on students,’ says Alexandra. ‘It has consequences for their well-being and often for their studies as well.’ And the pandemic is not over yet. ‘I therefore want to strengthen the bond with students and undertake action together.’ How does that work?

Send in your ideas!

Representatives from all study programmes and student associations can contact Alexandra. But also individual students can come to her with ideas that promote the well-being of students or the progression of their studies. This can be anything.

What is already being done?

Ideas that have already been realised include more mentors, and lunch lectures on mental well-being. But also other help for students, for example learning how to programme with Python, a programming language that is increasingly used in science courses.

Experienced coach

Alexandra already knows the Faculty, and she also has experience with coaching. In recent years she has worked as a student coach at LIACS. ‘In that role I had to deal with student wellbeing on a daily basis,’ she says. ‘I was also in the working group student wellbeing of W&N.’ In her spare time Alexandra was also a sports coach and teacher for years.

Manne van Riek, faculty education coordinator, with the new addition of a wellbeing officer. ‘Alexandra can bring together and support the many wonderful initiatives that are already there. In this way we can share best practices and together help our students to make their study a success!’

Mail your tips, questions and ideas to Alexandra at studentwellbeing@science.leidenuniv.nl

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