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HU Week 2021: relaxed, refreshed and recharged

Last week (25-29 October) was Healthy University Week 2021 ‘Time to Recharge’. A week devoted to vitality, with a programme packed with activities guaranteed to give you energy. Over 1,000 staff from Leiden University and the LUMC signed up for the daily energisers, relaxed during a yoga session and learned valuable tips on how to recharge during inspiring lunchtime lectures and interactive workshops.

Pressure to be productive thwarts our plans to recharge

The emphasis of Healthy University Week 2021 was on taking time to recharge. We all know that breaks and a good work-life balance are important, but the pressure to be productive often thwarts our plans to recharge. Last week the participants gained a new perspective on what it means to recharge, with simple tips and tools to help create a more energetic version of yourself.

Key messages

After ‘Time to Recharge’ we are even more aware of why it is essential to take time to recharge and manage our energy. For anyone who may have missed it, here’s the key messages from our lunch sessions and workshops:

  • ‘Don’t work harder; relax smarter’ - lunch session with Hidde de Vries. Do you live life with your foot on the gas? Forgotten where the brake is? Learn to focus on what’s important to you. You alone can decide what you do with your time and who you spend it with.
  • ‘Energy – like enthusiasm – is contagious’ workshop with Joske ten Bosch. Energetic people radiate positive energy, and this is catching. Feed your energy with a routine, plenty of sleep and the right food.
  • ‘Listen to your body’s whispers’ - workshop with Marleen Kromkamp. Your body gives you signs, big and small. What you do with them is up to you. Choose to do nothing, and your body will cry out for attention. Discover your body and breath, and use mindfulness to reduce your stress levels.
  • ‘We take our vitality for granted, until we no longer can’ - lunch session with Klaas Koster. Connect with yourself (your body), nature (the outdoors) and others (e.g. colleagues), and create your own inspiring context that allows you to relax.
  • ‘Balance doesn’t exist, but cadence does’ - workshop with Kiki Goessens. You face challenges every day. The balance you’re seeking may remain elusive because life is unbalanced. Compare the cadence in your life (peaks and troughs) with an ECG. Embrace the challenges, set realistic goals and relaxation will follow.

Healthy University dossier

Healthy University Week 2021 ‘Time to Recharge’ was a huge success and has given us and many staff members an energy boost. At Healthy University Leiden, we want to keep hold of this new energy! Keep an eye on the Healthy University dossier and be first to find out about our activities in 2022. And remember: time spent resting, relaxing and recharging is time well spent. Choose what gives you energy!

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