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Six top rated programmes at humanities

The bachelor programmes German Language and Culture, Classics, Dutch Language and Culture, Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Religious studies and Linguistics have received the predicate top rated programme from the Keuzegids.

German Language and Culture

The programme German Language and Culture scored a total of 86 points. This means that the programme has improved compared to last year, when it became a top rated programme with 77 points. The programme scored above average on content, quality of lecturers, examination and atmosphere.


The programme Classics received a score of 80 points. This puts the programme on the list of top rated Leiden programmes once again. The first year can sometimes be difficult for students, but after that they are satisfied with the content of the programme. Job prospects are also good, especially for students who want to work in education.

Dutch Language and Culture

Dutch Language and Culture is a top rated programme for the first time. The programme has scored 77 points. Students especially appreciate the quality and involvement of the lecturers. In addition, they often graduate within four years and in Leiden they can opt for special courses, such as South African literature.

Ancient Near Eastern Studies

Ancient Near East studies scored well once again. For the fourth year in a row, the programme is the national forerunner in the category Non-Western Languages and Cultures. Students are very satisfied with the content, lecturers, examination and atmosphere of the programme. The programme scored 86 points in total.

Religious studies

With 77 points, Religious Studies is on the list of top rated programmes for the fourth consecutive year. The preparation for the labour market could be improved, according to students, but they appreciate the lecturers, examination and atmosphere of the programme.


For the second year in a row, Linguistics has received a good score. The bachelor programme scored 77 points, making it the highest rated linguistics bachelor programme in the Netherlands. Students in Leiden are more likely than others to graduate within four years.

Every year, the Keuzegids assesses all study programmes at vocational colleges, universities of applied sciences and universities. For this purpose, it uses the student opinions from the National Student Survey (NSE), labour market figures from the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) and study success rates from the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU). Programmes can be awarded a maximum of 100 points. Starting at 75 points, they get to call themselves a top rated programme.  

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