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Ten ways to improve academic CVs for fairer research assessment

Concrete actions for assessment panels, boosting responsible evaluation

Academic CVs are ubiquitous and play an integral role in the assessment of researchers. They define and portray what activities and achievements are considered important in the scientific system. Developing their content and structure beyond the traditional, publication-focused CV has the potential to make research careers more diverse and their assessment fairer and more transparent.

A new comment describes ten ways to improve academic CVs for fairer research assessment. It was written by Michaela Strinzel, Josh Brown and Michael Hill, together with CWTS colleagues Wolfgang Kaltenbrunner and Sarah de Rijcke. The recommendations are inspired by a workshop of the CV Harmonization Group (H-Group), a joint initiative between researchers on research, academic data infrastructure organizations, and representatives from >15 funding organizations. The proposed improvements aim at inspiring development and innovation in academic CVs for funding agencies and hiring committees.

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