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These eleven Leiden Science researchers are among the most highly cited

Eleven researchers of the Faculty of Science are on the 2021 Highly Cited Researchers list of Clarivate Analytics. Only 0.1 per cent of researchers are included in this list, literally making them one in a thousand.

Quantity over quality? Well, the Clarivate list focuses on ‘scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple highly cited papers during the last decade.’ Eleven professors of the Faculty of Science are on the Highly Cited Researchers list, including Marc Koper, who won the prestigious Dutch Spinoza Prize in 2021. The Institute of Biology Leiden and the Leiden Observatory have no less than four researchers in the ranking. The list also includes Wim Jiskoot, who unfortunately passed away recently.

List of researchers

  • Marijn Franx (Leiden Observatory)
  • Wim Jiskoot (Leiden Academic Centre of Drug Research)
  • Marc Koper (Leiden Institute of Chemistry)
  • Joop Schaye (Leiden Observatory)
  • Arnold Tukker (Institute of Environmental Sciences)
  • Gilles van Wezel (Institute of Biology Leiden)
  • Robert Verpoorte (Institute of Biology Leiden, emeritus professor)
  • Jos Raaijmakers (NIOO-KNAW/Institute of Biology Leiden)
  • Marnix Medema (Wageningen University/Institute of Biology Leiden)
  • Rychard Bouwens (Leiden Observatory)
  • Tim de Zeeuw (Leiden Observatory)

Read more about the methodology behind the list on the Clarivate website

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