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What the campus at Leiden Bio Science Park will look like

The university campus at Leiden Bio Science Park will change rapidly over the next few years. A short film shows the transformation to a full campus. See what this mix of new university buildings, student accommodation and restaurants and cafés will look like. And sustainability and biodiversity won’t be forgotten either.

In a few years’ time there will be over 3,000 homes at Leiden Bio Science Park, and many of these will be for students. Next to the University Sports Centre, for example, there will be new student housing with various communal areas and facilities, such as study rooms, dining rooms, washrooms and roof gardens.

Central square

The central square will form the heart of the university campus with seating and a large area for sunbathing. It will be where students and staff can meet, study and have lunch. This square will also be the perfect venue for knowledge festivals, an open-air cinema or yoga lessons, for example. Residents of the city will also be welcome. Through the square will be the Hartlijn, a clearly demarcated pedestrian and cycle path that runs from the station are through the entire Bio Science Park. The square will be ready when the new Gorlaeus Building (phase 2) opens.

Gorlaeus Building phase 2

Construction of the new Gorlaeus Building (phase 2) has now started. In the next few years, the teaching building for the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences will be further expanded to create a sustainable, modern working environment for students and staff. Three wings will be added to the main building, with laboratories, a library and catering facilities, and the central hall will be extended with a new entrance that leads onto the campus square.

Sustainable new sports centre

A sustainable new sports centre will be built next to the current University Sports and Examination Centre (USC), with its entrance on the new campus square. Besides a climbing wall and other sports facilities, the building will also have a sauna. Once the new building is in use, the old one will be demolished to make room for student flats.

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