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Organisations and young alumni provide valuable career tips during Meet the Employer Week

Career Services of the Faculties Governance and Global Affairs, Social Sciences, and Humanities joined forces to organise the ‘Meet the Employer’ Week held from 6 – 10 December 2021!

An entire week jam packed with online sessions during which students could interact with employers, alumni and recruiters. Approximately 700 students registered for this week. The kick-off was in the hands of Accenture, but organisations such as KPMG, the ICC, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Child Protection Board, SeederdeBoer, and Clingendael also participated. In addition to the various organisations there were workshops, a Career College on Working in Communication and a panel with interns.

Students were provided with an abundance of useful tips on internships and jobs for starters. Milou van Vliet (Mazars) advised students to connect with young alumni on LinkedIn and arrange brief meetings. This will help them to remember you! Advice from alumni who are currently attending the diplomat’s class: just give it a try! Don’t be scared by the stories. Make sure to highlight your own qualities, but also be honest about the things you would like to develop more. Challenge yourself socially during your studies, but first and foremost do what you like to do!

Peter Kasbergen (Public Cinema) advised students to gain hands on experience and to approach people. No matter how scary it may seem. People are always happy to talk to you and show you around. Ask as many questions as possible. Almost all speakers mentioned that they were ‘happy to help’, this is something students can use to their advantage!

Earlier this year, Guilia Cretti made her way up from being an intern to being a junior researcher, while Myrthe de Boon is now halfway through her internship at Clingendael. They also showered us with tips on how to be in with a chance at an interesting internship at this institution. Most importantly, gather as much information as possible on the persons you will be meeting with. By being up to date on their specialisms and the organisation, you will come across as well prepared and dedicated which will only emphasise your drive to work for them.  

Most sessions have been recorded. An overview of the recorded sessions and presentations is listed below. The Career Services organise events throughout the year to help students prepare for their future careers. You can find all the information on the Career Zone website.

Watch the Meet the Employer recorded sessions and presentations:

Accenture (EN) Slides
Veen Bosch en Keuning Uitgeversgroep (NL) Slides
Panel met stagairs (Moesson, Erfgoed Leiden, Luchtmacht) (NL) Slides
KPMG (EN) Slides
Mazars (NL) Slides
Online workshop Networking & LinkedIn (EN) Slides
International Criminal Court (EN) Slides
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (NL) Slides
Raad voor de Kinderbescherming (NL) Slides
Cross your Borders (NL)  - 
SeederdeBoer (NL) Slides
Career College: Working in Communication, Marketing & PR (EN)  -
Public Cinema (NL) Slides
Clingendael (EN)  - 
Workshop CV en Motivatiebrief (NL) Slides
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