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Technical problems are history with the Teacher Support Desk

For many teachers, they are a lifesaver: the people at the Science Teacher Support Desk. When a teacher has technical problems, they come to the rescue immediately. Veerle Warnders is one of them and she tells us what is so great about her job.

In September 2020, in the middle of the corona pandemic, the Science Education and Student Office decided to set up a new facility: the Teacher Support Desk. It was a good move because, with all that online teaching, this new helpdesk turned out to be a godsend for many teachers.

Grateful teachers

Teaching is now partly in person again. But hybrid education also brings with it the necessary technical difficulties, as Veerle Warnders knows. Since February of this year, she has been assisting teachers with their lectures, from preparing webcams to solving technical problems. ‘It's rewarding work to do because teachers are generally very happy with our help.’  

Finally on campus

Since September, Warnders has been working full time on campus. ‘Those first few weeks were incredibly busy because everyone had to get the hang of hybrid education. Fortunately, the teachers knew where to find our department.’ Warnders is happy to be back in the office. ‘I get much more energy from it. You really see who you are helping, instead of looking at a screen.’  

Teachers are in luck: if it is up to Warnders, she will stay at the Teacher Support Desk for a long time. ‘The work is a lot of fun and we have a great team, so I really fit in here!’   

Picture: Pim Rusch

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