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Centre for Innovation launches podcast about Design Thinking

How do you put students at the centre of education? And how do you make your research action-oriented? A new podcast by the Centre for Innovation answers these question. In Design Thinking in Education, four lecturers and two students talk about educational innovation.

As the title suggests, Design Thinking in Education focuses on the Design Thinking method. This action-oriented approach uses students to solve societal problems. They research, for example, how hazardous household waste can best be disposed of, how to increase unity between stall owners at the The Hague market, or how to reduce inequality in society.

Podcast as inspiration

‘As the Centre for Innovation, we have been using Design Thinking for some time now’, says Daniek Bosch, who, as learning experience designer at the Centre for Innovation, created the podcast. ‘Usually I regularly give trainings about this, but lecturers prefer to learn from other lecturers. That is why we decided to create a short podcast series, in which we put a spotlight on the initiatives that already exist at, for example, Leiden University College, the PRE-University College and an honours course.’

Daniek hopes that the new podcast series will encourage lecturers to also get started with Design Thinking. ‘As a university, we are used to deep thinking, and this more action-oriented method offers students a way to also contribute to the issues that they encounter in their research, in practice. If you, as a lecturer, would like to know more about this or if you want to receive help with integrating design thinking in your course, then we at the Centre for Innovation are happy to think along.’

You can listen to the podcast Design Thinking in Education on this website, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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