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Development of broad Languages and Cultures BA programme to change to ‘Renewing and Strengthening Language Programmes’

As you may know, a draft profile for a broad BA programme in Languages and Cultures has been in development for some time. On 21 December 2021, the Faculty Board decided to end the design process of that broad bachelor’s degree programme. However, as the Faculty Board and partners in the discipline realise that the domain of languages is still in need of renewal and strengthening, a different project, Renewing and Strengthening Language Programmes, will be set up in the coming months.

Following an earlier exploration of a broad global bachelor’s degree programme, at the start of this year the decision was made to look into developing a broad BA programme in Modern European languages. On 21 December 2021, the Faculty Board discussed the report drafted by quartermaster Carmen van den Bergh, lecturer in Italian Literature, and Sanne Arens, Faculty Coordinator for implementing the vision on teaching and learning. After reviewing the report’s findings, the Faculty Board decided not to continue the process to design the broad bachelor’s degree programme.

Why was the development process ended?

Following meetings with the teachers and Academic Directors concerned, a draft profile was devised for a BA in Modern European Languages. However, Van den Bergh and Arens’ report showed that a new broad BA would not satisfy the criteria set out in June 2021: it is not clear that a broad language programme would attract many new students, there is little support for the programme among academic staff, and the profile was not expected to survive the macro-efficiency check. In view of these factors, the programme would be unlikely to attract significant funding. This analysis led to the decision to stop developing a broad bachelor’s degree programme in Languages and Cultures.

Renewal is still needed

However, the Faculty Board and partners in the discipline have established that the domain of languages still requires renewal and strengthening. A proposal for how to achieve this will be devised over the coming months, based on the ideas and alternatives suggested by the quartermaster and in collaboration with academic staff members from the programmes concerned. This Renewing and Strengthening Language Programmes project will be in line with the new Faculty Strategic Plan. It will also offer a vision for the position and strengthening of the teaching of modern European languages and cultures and an evaluation of the courses currently on offer.

More information

If you have any questions or suggestions after reading this information, please e-mail Sanne Arens or quartermaster Carmen van den Bergh.

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