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New Strategic Plan - future direction for Leiden Law School

‘It truly is a plan by and for us all,’ said Annetje Ottow, President of the Executive Board, at the Dies Natalis celebration on 8 February. Leiden Law School was also actively involved developing in the strategic plan.

Ottow referred to the many meetings, online and offline, with staff, students, alumni and critical friends who all offered their opinions on the University’s new course and ambitions in the coming years. The meetings provided a valuable insight. ‘We could share more of our knowledge with others and apply it more widely. Scientific and societal challenges make this necessary and we in Leiden, with all we have to offer, can provide outstanding added value.’

Building on a healthy, engaged and learning community

It is not just important what exactly we are going to do, but also how we do things, said Ottow. She emphasised that the staff workload and a safe environment are high on the agenda. ‘We want to continue to build on a healthy, engaged and learning community, where issues can be identified and addressed in open discussions, with respect for one another.’ Ottow called on everyone to ‘put their shoulders to the wheel’. She ended by looking both back and ahead: ‘Leiden University has weathered many storms and pandemics and is ready to face the future. Our new strategic plan will point us in the right direction in the coming years.’

Leiden Law School moving forward

The strategic plan also sets a point on the horizon that Leiden Law School will move towards. Joanne van der Leun, Dean of the faculty, says the following on how this will take shape: ‘As a faculty, we were actively involved in drawing up the University strategic plan 2022-2027 and it’s great to see we can now translate all six ambitions into action. We’re already doing this in our current programmes and projects, but we’ll also be starting new initiatives. It’s now time for the faculty to start moving forward with our plans.'

'In the months March, April and May, these ambitions will be on the table at the various meetings at the faculty and there will be opportunities for everyone to contribute content for the programmes and projects. You’ll be kept informed of these developments via the faculty newsletter so you know at what point you can become involved.'

Read the new University strategic plan 2022-2027 'Innovating and Connecting'

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