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Apply for the new minor Tax and Society at Leiden University

Tax scandals, like the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers, and the Pandora Papers, have made tax avoidance by large multinationals and rich individuals a major topic of public debate. Policymakers are pushed to close tax loopholes and reform the global tax system. But this is no easy task.

Are you motivated to get involved in rethinking the global tax system from the perspectives of fairness and sustainability? In that case, you should certainly apply for the new minor ‘Tax and society: Building a sustainable and fair tax system’ offered by Leiden Law School.

Audience: Students interested in real-life societal tax issues

The new minor targets students with an interest in societal tax issues who would like to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer global tax system. You don’t need a tax law background to apply for this minor. So, if you study political science or computer science and are interested in real-life tax issues, you should certainly join our minor. Of course, the minor is also appealing if you study tax law or economics and want to better understand the impact of tax systems on the society. The minor paves the way for a future career in the field of strategy, policy, and/or regulation.

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What makes this minor unique?

The minor is offered by a diverse group of enthusiastic lecturers from the Tax Law Department with international experience on a variety of societal tax matters: from tax avoidance and fair and sustainable taxation, to digital taxation and tax technology. Another unique feature of the minor is its interdisciplinary focus. Besides tax law, you will learn all about the economical, technological, and behavioural aspects of taxation. In addition, the minor offers you the perfect opportunity to enhance your academic skills; from English writing and presentation, to boosting your empirical research competences. You will work on real-life tax issues in small group assignments. You will also debate with experts from business, government, and politics about how to fix the global tax system.


You can register here for the minor from Monday 2 May 2022.


You can read more about minors on the minor website of Leiden University. Click here for more information about the minor Tax and Society and the different courses offered.

If there's anything you're still unsure about, please send an e-mail to: belastingrecht@law.leidenuniv.nl.

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