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Knowledge to the neighbourhood about the placebo effect

The tuk-tuk of the European City Of Science Leiden 2022 sent science on its way to the neighbourhood. On the Vijf Meiplein in Leiden, Andrea Evers' placebo team pitched its tent to everyone who wanted to know more about the effect of words and expectations. Experience the day of the placebo effect in the photo report.

On 4 April, the placebo team organised a day for an insight into their placebo research. In the words of Suzanne Derksen: The placebo effect is a bit like the magician 'Hans Klok' of medicine. Just your expectation that a medicine will work or that a doctor is reliable can cause your symptoms to subside. At the Vijf Meiplein, passers-by were given a flyer or a personal invitation from one of the Health and Medical Psychology master's students to try out VR glasses. With these, health psychologists Liesbeth van Vliet, Andrea Evers and Janine Westendorp have developed a communication training for health care providers to learn how to optimise placebo effects and minimise nocebo effects.

(Photos: Su├ędy Mauricio)

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