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Podcast: Animals have emotions

In this episode, we talk with Mariska Kret about the expressions of emotions in humans and animals. Mariska explores the similarities and differences in emotion expression in humans and primates. Want to learn more about Mariska's research and discover why it's important that we learn more about animal emotions? Then listen to episode 6 of the Leiden Psychologie Podcast!

Leiden Psychology Podcast

This podcast series is a special project within the department of Psychology at Leiden University. It gives a platform for people to discuss topics within the field of psychology from different perspectives; the perspective of students, of university staff, alumni, and different researchers. Listen to Mariska Kret on emotion expression in humans and great apes in the latest episode.

Mariska Kret

Cognitive psychologist Mariska Kret is specifically interested in automatic facial expressions over which we ourselves have little control, such as pupil size. Humans are to some extent able to read each other's facial expressions, but how do other animals do this? In this episode of the Leiden Psychologie Podcast, Mariska talks about her research on emotion expression in humans and great apes. She also talks about her recently published book Tussen glimlach en grimas (Dutch) in which she writes about the differences between humans and animals, and more importantly, the similarities.

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