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Leiden University turns the heating down by two degrees

The thermostat in Leiden University’s buildings will be turned down by two degrees. The temperature will also be adjusted in rooms that are cooled. This is the University’s response to the government’s call to use less energy.

The ‘Zet ook de knop om’ government campaign aims to reduce our gas consumption. This is in response to the war in Ukraine and our dependence on Russian gas, but climate change and the high gas prices also play a part. This makes it important that we save energy and soon.

Saving gas

Gas is scarce at the moment due to Europe’s reliance on Russian gas. The gas that Leiden University purchases is not Russian, but reducing our gas consumption can help reduce the Netherlands’ dependence on Russia. By turning down the central heating in University buildings by two degrees and by using labs and equipment as energy efficiently as possible, the University can save around five percent of its gas and one to two percent of its electricity.

Sustainable university

Saving energy is part of a road map that aims at a 65 percent CO2 reduction by 2030. As part of this sustainability plan, a large proportion of the natural gas consumption will be replaced by underground thermal energy storage. The University buildings will also be insulated and the number of solar panels will triple.

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