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Newsletter Student Support FSW April 2022

This Student Support FSW newsletter tells you all about the services provided by the FSW POPcorner, Career Service, and Community Engagement Service. You can read about upcoming activities and vacancies, and pick up tips on study skills, personal and professional development, student well-being, study and career orientation, and job application skills. You are very welcome to make use of the services of Student Support FSW!

Wanted! FSW students who want to join brainstorming about student well-being
The POPcorner FSW organises its activities in collaboration with students at the Faculty. Because students, as experts on student life, can make a big difference, POPcorner FSW is looking for students to participate in panels about student well-being and to get involved in various projects. Do you want to join brainstorming about student well-being at our Faculty? Contact Rosalinde Spitters for more information.

Student well-being is an important topic: at the national level, at Leiden University, and certainly within FSW. For questions regarding your well-being, you can turn to your study advisor, but the POPcorner FSW also offers support for challenges you may face during your time as a student, both in terms of studying and personal development.

In the field of student well-being, the POPcorner FSW focuses on activities around helping everyone to settle back into the offline faculty, building sustainable interventions, and further developing the three pillars:

  • Social Safety - focusing on bonding and inclusion;
  • Prevention - how we, as a community, can increase student well-being;
  • Awareness - awareness of the topic of student well-being, communication around the support available, and increased visibility of the services of Student Support FSW.

Together with the study advisors, the FSW Assessor Noah Westerlaken, the study associations, and the mentors and tutors of the Faculty, the POPcorner FSW, with Rosalinde Spitters as Student Well-being Liaison, works on these challenging issues that are viewed not as individual student problems, but as a structural issue for which we are jointly responsible.

Leiden University Career Week: 11-13 April 2022

Do you already know what you want to do after you graduate? How do you find out what suits you? And how do you prepare for the labour market? Visit the Leiden University Career Week 2022 from 11 – 13 April 2022 to find out! During this 3-day event we offer an inspiring programme with various workshops and presentations such as:

  • Recruiters panel – What do employers look for?
  • Workshop Online Job interview and workshop Orienting yourself on a gap year
  • Alumni will share their experience regarding their careers at Nike, EY, Clingendael, Accenture, KPMG, or the Ministry of justice and many more!

Career Time
During Leiden University Career Week there are a number of Career Time moments:

  • On Monday 11 April there will be Career Time activities on campus in The Hague and Leiden, where you can have your CV and LinkedIn-profile checked and have your profile picture taken.
  • On Wednesday 13 April, from 10.00-12.00 hrs, there will be an information market in the central hall of the Pieter de la Courtbuilding (FSW). You can get in touch with different organisations that offer opportunities for side jobs, internships, and volunteering.
    And yet another opportunity to have your CV and LinkedIn profile checked!

Visit the Leiden University Career Week website for the full programme.

CareerTime: CareerMarket FSW!
13 April 2022

Do you want to meet organisations that can help you finding suitable extracurricular activities, such as internships, side jobs, volunteer work, but also further preparation for the labour market and networking activities? Then come to the CareerMarket FSW on 13 April (10-12h.)!

  • Have your CV and LinkedIn profile checked!
  • Get informed about (study) career possibilities. 

Read more about participating organisations.

Activities April 2022

Career and job application:




Workshop Job Interview (ENG)

11-13 /04

Leiden University Career Week (NL/ENG)


Career Time FSW – information market
CV en LinkedIn check service and organisations that offer side jobs, internships and volunteering (NL/ENG/central hall Pieter de la Courtbuilding)


Career College: To PhD or not to PhD? (ENG)


Campus The Hague Career Event (NL/ENG)


Workshop What have I got to offer an employer? (ENG)


Workshop Study (re)choice (ENG)


Career College: Working as a Data Scientist (ENG)

Study and Personal development:




Walk-in Study Skills (NL/ENG)


Training how to deal with fear of failure (ENG / meerdere bijeenkomsten)

Keep an eye on the course calendar! There may also be changes in the schedule.

To the course calendar!

Uni-life App: all student events in one overview

Leiden University has joined the Uni-Life student app. The app provides you with an overview of all student events at a glance. And above that you can get in touch with fellow students who share similar interests through the online communities. A great way to meet new people!

Uni-Life offers a complete overview of all events for Leiden University students, from dance lessons to a poetry-writing course and student parties. The app also shows you what activities are being organised by student associations, study organisations, faculties, clubs, the University Sports Centre or other Leiden University initiatives.

Download the app in the App Store or in Google Play.

Go Volunteer

Go Volunteer!

Would you like to build up more practical experience? To develop yourself further, beyond the confines of the curriculum of your degree programme? Consider volunteering
Volunteer work offers a wide range of possibilities, and volunteer organisations are crying out for extra hands. The Community Engagement Service FSW aims to inform, advise, and support students regarding relevant work experience (whether within or outside the curriculum), with a strong focus on volunteer work. If you’d like to start volunteering but don’t yet really know what you want to do and how best to go about this, make an appointment with one of the Community Engagement Service FSW career advisors for individual advice. 
Read more

Night of the Volunteer NL Cares:
21 April 2022

The Night of the Volunteer is the perfect Social Impact Event to get started with volunteering. During this evening, various special and fun activities will be offered. You can make an immediate impact on a cause you care about. Do you want to help battle loneliness, poverty, or inequality? Do you want to join a big City Clean-up? There is always a volunteer activity that suits you.

Would you like to join? Sign up either individually or with a group via the platform of NL Cares. The website will be updated with new activities. All activities take place on 21 April 2022, from 18.00 to 20:30h. in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague. More information about this activity? Visit the NL Cares website or send an email to info@nlcares.nl.

Student Experience

This month’s student experience tells the story of Léon. Léon is a master’s student in Psychology and is working as a volunteer at @Ease, where he gives psychological counselling to young people aged 12-25. Sometimes it can be comforting to talk to a stranger without feeling any obligations. At @Ease young people can walk in or chat online without an appointment to talk about anything that is on their minds. Free of charge, anonymous and without waiting list or obligations. Read Léon’s story – and other stories – on our Instagram channel @study_careersupportfsw. 

student experience

Vacancy Alert!

Vacancy Organisation

Student assistants Thesis support groups

Leiden University 

NGO management Internship Africa

Art in Tanzania
Volunteer Ocean Conservation Advocate AIESEC
Volunteer Refugee Support AIESEC
Volunteer vacancies for non-Dutch speakers Volunteer The Hague
Volunteers @ease Leiden

Visit the Leiden University Job portal for more vacancies!

Contact Student Support FSW

For all your questions regarding the student support services of the FSW POPcorner, Career Service and Community Engagement Service:

Student Support FSW desk 

Monday to Thursday 12:00-14:00h.
Location: Pieter de la Courtbuilding, ground floor

Website studentsupportfsw
Email studentsupportfsw@fsw.leidenuniv.nl 

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