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Feedback on draft Strategic Agenda of the Faculty Strategic Plan

In March, the Faculty Strategic Plan (FSP) Steering Committee invited several forums, groups, students and members of staff to give their feedback on the draft of the Strategic Agenda. This feedback has been collected in several different ways, during meetings, via online feedback forms, or in direct meetings with the Steering Committee. The development of the Faculty Strategic Plan is now entering its final phase.

The first part of our FSP, setting out the mission, ambitions and strategic goals, was formulated in December by the Faculty Board, with the Faculty Council’s approval.

From mission to plan

Since the beginning of this year, the Faculty Board has been busy developing a draft Strategic Agenda, containing the tactical measures to reach the goals and ambitions formulated. Through several forums, advisory councils and sounding board groups, the Faculty as a whole has been asked to provide feedback on the Agenda. This led to forty responses from individuals, and most notably, groups. Even during a gathering for students and members of staff, attendees were asked to give their feedback. Unfortunately, the meeting had a low number of attendees, but the exchange was interesting nonetheless.

The FSP Steering Committee incorporated the feedback collected into a new draft Strategic Agenda. The Faculty Board will proceed to formulate the Strategic Agenda, which will then be proposed to the Faculty Council. Finally, the FSP will, of course, be shared with Faculty members of staff and students.

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