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UB and LAG win University elections

The results of the 2022 University elections are in. This year, staff could vote for the staff section of the University Council. The two new parties Universitair Belang (UB) and Leidse Academische Gemeenschap (LAG) did well, with three and four of the eight seats, respectively.

Staff could vote from Monday 9 to Friday 13 May. The turnout of 29.2 per cent was considerably higher than in 2020, when 23.9 per cent of staff cast their vote.

The following were elected:

  • Remco Breuker (LAG)
  • VĂ©ronique de Gucht (LAG)
  • Timothy de Zeeuw (LAG)
  • Mark Dechesne (LAG)
  • Ludo Juurlink (Universitair Belang)
  • Jaap de Witte (Universitair Belang)
  • Floske Spieksma (Universitair Belang)
  • Max van Haastrecht  (PhDoc)

It was also time for the mid-term elections for the Administration and Central Services Employee Council and the staff section of the Archaeology and FGGA Faculty Councils. Elections were not held for these because the number of candidates was equal to the number of seats.

Administration and Central Services Employee Council

  • Suzanne Neilen
  • Matthijs de Vries

Archaeology Faculty Council Staff Section

  • Arjan Louwen
  • Merlijn Veltman
  • Wei Chu

FGGA Faculty Council Staff Section

  • Sanneke L. Kuipers


This year, students could vote for the University Council, the faculty councils and the LUMC Student Council. See the results here.

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