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Students for Palestine panel discussion in The Hague on 24 May

Students for Palestine – a group of students from Leiden and The Hague – are holding a panel discussion in the Leiden University in The Hague Wijnhaven building on Tuesday 24 May entitled ‘Silencing Palestine’.

The students want to focus on various aspects of ‘the Palestinian resistance to apartheid and settler-colonialism’ and have invited five speakers from various organisations. They will also discuss human rights and international humanitarian law. The students want to address what they see as the suppression of Palestinian rights ‘as the root cause of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict’. Dina Zbeidy, a Dutch-Palestinian academic and lecturer in the social and behavioural sciences at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden, will be the moderator of this panel.

Green light

Previously, a similar event organised by these students could not go ahead at the University. The University could not get in touch with the organisers and did not have sufficient information about the event – and this is one of the conditions for using University locations. The event, which had already been announced by the students, was held at another location in The Hague on 21 March. The Executive Board has since spoken with the students and given the green light to this new event. Everyone is most welcome to attend and join in the discussion.

The panel will consist of a number of short presentations and there will be an opportunity for questions. Anyone from inside and outside the University who is interested can take part in the discussion. Registration for the meeting is required.

The panel will take place from 15:00 to 17:00 on 24 May in Wijnhaven in The Hague. The language spoken will be English. 

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