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Social Resilience & Security seed funding for interdisciplinary research: call for proposals

The interdisciplinary programme Social Resilience & Security is inviting proposals for seed funding. The programme aims to combine knowledge and expertise from five different faculties to study transgressive behaviours, its dimensions, aetiology, and effects of interventions with a multidisciplinary team of scholars. The programme invites proposals up to €4.000 for interdisciplinary research.


Since the aim of this grant is to boost interdisciplinary collaboration between faculties, the topic of the proposed project should address social resilience and security broadly. Consult the research programme of the SRS programme and the research streams (resilience, violence and uncertainty) in particular for thematic linkages. Ideally, researchers will propose new ideas, but proposals that build upon existing projects of individual researchers and that advances cross-institutional cooperation will also be considered.


We encourage broad research outputs such as: workshop/conference, publications, joint grant applications (or proposals), and so on. Educational or teaching assignments are also welcome, although research is the priority. The proposals should lead to long-term impacts (i.e. joint applications for multi-annual grants and establishment of research networks).

Call for proposals

You can find more information, the main criteria and the application procedure in the call for proposals.

Call for proposals

Social resilience and security has never been more important than now. Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a considerable disturbance to our personal and social lives. As a result, the general population reports more stress, loneliness and decreased quality of life. At the same time, there has been a sharp increase in suicidality and violence. For instance, rates of child maltreatment, and intimate partner violence have increased, and over the last year, adolescent suicidality has increased by 15%.

The Social Resilience & Security programme seeks to improve social resilience and security through a focus the following topics: Adolescent risk and Resilience, Uncertainty and Violence in Society. Multi- and interdisciplinary approaches are needed to fully understand their etiology, underlying mechanisms and societal impact. Hence, the programme aims to promote lateral thinking and borrowing and exchanging tools from a variety of disciplines, in order to make significant steps in research. To make this happen, researchers in our programme work together in teams from across the Social Sciences, Governance and Global Affairs, Law, Archaeology, and Humanities.

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