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Video: Is the hypersonic rocket system the new super weapon?

Missiles that travel at approximately six thousand kilometres per hour, up to 5 or 6 times the speed of sound. Has Russia used those against Ukraine and how is that possible? In Leiden University’s Dutch video series ‘De Werkplaats’, Danny Pronk, political scientist, security expert, and researcher at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs, explains how the Russians managed to pull this off.

How dangerous are these rockets? And should we be worried? Pronk says that the Russians managed to create the hypersonic missile by creating a multistage rocket. ‘They’ve taken an existing rocket, the Iskander. To which they added an extra missile, the so-called Booster rocket. They then loaded it onto their fastest fighter jet, the MiG-31.’

You can watch the episode (in Dutch) here:

Is de hypersonische raket het nieuwe superwapen?

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