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Campus The Hague Board appointed

The governance structure of Campus The Hague (CDH) will be altered. This has been decided in consultation with the University Council, which issued a positive recommendation about this.Ton Liefaard and Jan Crijns will become the joint holders of the CDH Education portfolio, and Rolf Oosterloo will become the new holder of the CDH Operations portfolio. They will hold these positions alongside their current ones, and together with CDH Chair Erwin Muller will comprise the CDH Board as of 1 September. The CDH Board will be responsible for implementation, coordination and monitoring. Suzy Sirks-Bong has been appointed the new Executive Director of CDH as of 1 July. In recent years, she has held the Operational Management portfolio at the Faculty of Humanities.

The CDH Board is being expanded to strengthen the relationship between CDH and the faculties and Administration and Central Services. In the new structure, the CDH Board will have a permanent place on the University’s Education and Operations Boards. Erwin Muller already had a seat on the Management Board, together with the deans of the faculties.

Executive Director of Campus The Hague appointed

It was necessary to appoint an Executive Director of CDH because implementing the Campus Strategy, which runs until 2030, requires more attention. The number of projects has increased, making a project-based approach necessary. The Executive Director will be the internal face of CDH and will be responsible for overseeing the administrative support.


The appointments of Ton Liefaard (Director of Education at Leiden Law School), Jan Crijns (Academic Director at Leiden Law School) and Rolf Oosterloo (Executive Director at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences) to CDH are for a period of two years. Erwin Muller’s appointment as CDH Chair has been extended by a period of four years. The Executive Board of the University has approved the appointments following the University Council’s positive advice on the altered governance structure. All appointments will take effect as of 1 September 2022.

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