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Heineken Young Scientists Award for three Leiden researchers

Three of the four Heineken Young Scientists Awards for 2022 have gone to researchers from Leiden: chronobiologist Laura Kervezee, physicist Jordi Tura i Brugués and health psychologist Liesbeth van Vliet.

The Heineken Young Scientists Awards are awarded every two years to four promising young researchers working in the Netherlands. The award, which includes a cash prize of 10,000 euros and a work of art, was created in 2010 by Charlene L. De Carvalho-Heineken. The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) will present the awards on 29 September.

Laura Kervezee

Laura Kervezee (1989) works at the Department of Cell and Chemical Biology at Leiden University Medical Center. She will receive the Medical/Biomedical Sciences award for her research into the biological clock and its application to improving patient care practice. Kervezee’s chronobiological knowledge provides insight into how to keep our biological clock healthy. This is important in our 24-hour society and other situations in which the clock is disrupted, such as when we are ageing or in hospital. In health care, this insight helps make drugs and therapies more effective.

Jordi Tura i Brugués

Physicist Jordi Tura i Brugués (1987) from the Lorentz Institute will receive the Natural Sciences award for his pioneering contributions to the theory of quantum entanglement and nonlocality. He adapted Bell’s theorem, which is used to show the entanglement of two particles, to fit large numbers of particles. This is an important step for the further development of the quantum computer and quantum internet.

Liesbeth van Vliet

Health psychologist Liesbeth van Vliet (1985) will receive the Social Sciences award for her important contribution to improving the quality of healthcare for seriously ill patients, thanks to better communication between doctor and patient. Van Vliet’s research into how communication can help and harm patients shows a valuable application of research to the practice.

Photo: Laura Kervezee, Jordi Tura i Brugués and Liesbeth van Vliet 

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