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A quick call with Pauline Höhner-Regout about the Keyholders

Our Keyholders are a close network of over 500 committed donors who actively support Leiden University. Pauline Höhner-Regout, who started working at the LUF since April, talks about her role as a Keyholder fundraiser.

Pauline, could you tell us what a Keyholder fundraiser does?

‘As a Keyholder fundraiser, I’m in charge of a fantastic network of Keyholders. They are donors who make gifts to the University over a longer period of time, thus championing research and academia. Thanks to their contribution, researchers can realise projects, for instance, and students can broaden their horizons at home and abroad.’

‘The over 500 Keyholders are a good mix of different generations. We organise lots of events like the annual Keyholders dinner in October, a LUF College Tour on 30 August and regular debates, museum visits and various receptions and lectures.’

Pauline Höhner-Regout works at the LUF as a Keyholder fundraiser
Pauline Höhner-Regout works at the LUF as a Keyholder fundraiser

What is your personal connection to the Keyholders?

‘After graduating in Law from Leiden, I spent over 20 years working for publishers and cultural organisations. I still look back with great fondness at my student days and realise how special they were. That’s why I want to give something back to my alma mater. I now cycle along the Rapenburg canal almost daily, to the Alumni House at number 68 to work on a special and valuable Keyholder network. Now I also recruit Keyholders from my own network!’

What would you like to tell colleagues about Keyholders?

‘Anyone can be a Keyholder, even if you didn’t study at Leiden University, so also if you’re a member of staff. The Keyholders network is flourishing and we can all contribute by raising more awareness of it.’

If you have questions or ideas about Keyholders, the Alumni House doors are always open. You can contact Pauline at p.l.hohner@luf.leidenuniv.nl or 06 385 570 68. See the website for more information.

The Keyholders network was launched in 2002. Keyholders pay €500 per year. Young Keyholders (<40 years) pay €120 per year. 

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