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Alexander van Oudenhoven appointed Director of Education of the master Governance of Sustainability

Alexander van Oudenhoven has been appointed as the new Director of Education of the Governance of Sustainability master's programme. Van Oudenhoven has been appointed for a four-year period, from 1 October 2022 to 1 October 2026. The programme is taught in The Hague.

Van Oudenhoven will take over from Peter van Bodegom, who was instrumental in getting the programme approved and started. The now three years old master's at Leiden University is a collaboration between two faculties: the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs.

‘Creative and leading when it comes to innovations in education’

Scientific director Martina Vijver is very happy with Van Oudenhoven's appointment. 'With Alexander, we have a fantastic Director of Education; He is creative and leading when it comes to innovations in education. He loves to challenge students and to jointly tackle social environmental themes.

The master's programme committee praises Van Oudenhoven as an innovative teacher and dedicated supervisor with a genuine interest in the wellbeing of his students. 'Alexander is also a respected researcher working on the interactions between biodiversity, ecosystems and human wellbeing; one of the key topics of this master’s.’

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