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Foto's: Anna Loh en Joost van der Sluijs

Astrid Van Weyenberg wins Faculty Teaching Prize 2022

University lecturer Astrid Van Weyenberg has won the Faculty of Humanities Teaching Prize. ‘Astrid is a lovely person who can teach well.'

Van Weyenberg is honoured to receive the award. ‘I’m very grateful that my students nominated me, especially after being made guinea pigs in various teaching innovation projects. It shows they’re quite patient in helping us explore new methods’, she said in her acceptance speech. She also emphasised that she had not been solely responsible for these projects. 

In her speech, Van Weyenberg also expressed the hope that there will be more opportunities for teaching innovation. ‘I think that good teaching also depends on having time to think about what it is we are doing and how we should be doing it. I hope in the future there will be a bit more room for that, no matter where in your career you are.’ 

‘Lovely person and educational innovator'

Van Weyenberg is a lecturer in the Film & Literature study programme. She was nominated by the programme’s study association, Maktub. The members say that Van Weyenberg is a good explainer and that she innovates and improves education, for example by using podcasts. They also praise her personal approach. ‘She shows personal interest in the lives of students and gives you the feeling that she really cares about you, although she is strict. She is just a lovely person.’ 

About the prize

The Faculty Teaching Prize is awarded annually to an outstanding teacher. All lecturers at the faculty can be nominated by study associations, student members of programme committees or by a group of at least three students. The prize is worth 1,000 euros. The other nominees this year were Akinyinka Akinyoade, Maarten Kossmann and Ying-ting Wang. 

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