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Brand-new Ehrenfest car park at LBSP is a breath of fresh air

The new Ehrenfest multi-storey car park at the heart of the Leiden Bio Science Park was opened today by the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board of Leiden University, Martijn Ridderbos. The car park, an initiative of the University, should improve accessibility and quality of life on the campus.

The design of the car park is special: the facade is in the shape of undulating panes that symbolise a fresh breeze blowing through the reeds. The design provides natural ventilation and includes 1089 solar panels on the roof. The car park therefore ties in with the University’s ambition to improve the sustainability and well-being of all students and staff at the LBSP. ‘If this entrance area is soon to be a vibrant residential district, with shops, cafés and bars and other facilities, this will increase the quality of life in this part of the park, with less traffic stress, more fresh air and much more space for greenery instead of parking,’ said Martijn Ridderbos at the opening.

The garage is intended not only for employees of and visitors to companies at the park but also for local residents. As the garage is open 24 hours a day, the spaces can be used twice, by workers during the day and by residents in the evening. This makes efficient use of the space. The garage has room for 686 cars and can be expanded in the future if necessary. Environmentally aware drivers have also been considered. Eight charging points for electric cars are available on the ground floor. These can be accessed via a separate entrance.

The car park is new and so too are information signs that the University has installed at the LBSP. These will display information about developments at the LBSP, such as events and developments in education and museums. They will also give an idea of what exactly is going on in the life sciences businesses and provide a bit of history.

The Ehrenfest car park and the information signs are part of Leiden University’s plan, together with the municipalities of  Leiden and Oegstgeest, to make the park more attractive and accessible. The innovation district should also become a place for interaction, recreation and accommodation, with sustainability being an important factor. Besides the car park and information signs, more projects are currently underway to realise this vision. Examples include the Campus Square, which is to become a green meeting place for staff, students and residents, and a new sports and exam centre.

The car park will be open from 21 September.

Photo: Aan de Stegge Twello B.V. construction

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